WHY BD.dry™?

Waterproof. Breathability. Durability. Stretch. Our 2.5L and 3L BD.dry™ waterproof technology is designed to keep you comfortable and moving in wet conditions. We started out with the goal to make a waterproof fabric that not only keeps water out, but also breathes when you’re working hard. Next, we implemented stretch into our solution’s technology, which sets BD.dry™ apart from other waterproof solutions. In addition to being constructed using these thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested textiles, all our BD.dry™ shells are finished with taped seams, Aquaguard waterproof zippers, and fully featured storm hoods.


What to Wear?

Black Diamond has a large selection of mountain shells that incorporate our BD.dry™ technology. Take a cruise through the lineup and see what best fits your activity needs. Whether you’re going fast and light and need emergency-use protection that’s minimalistic in design and function, or you’re after the burliest fully featured shell built to provide reliable shelter from any storm, we’ve got your back.

Illustration of how BD.dry™ 2.5L works.

How it works: BD.dry™ 2.5L

Our 2.5L jackets featuring BD.dry™, like the StormLine and TreeLine, are made up of three parts: a face fabric that’s treated with a DWR finish, a membrane that goes on the inside, and a half layer print that goes on the inside of the membrane, right next to your skin. The face fabric with its DWR treatment sheds water—droplets literally roll off the hydrophobic DWR. Meanwhile, the microporous inner coating stops precipitation from penetrating through the fabric, while still allowing moisture vapor to pass through from the inside out, keeping your skin dry and comfortable. Finally, the .5 layer is applied as a raised print to the inside, which feels soft against your skin. 

BD Treeline rain jacket.
BDdry 2.5L on a rain jacket.
Illustration of how BD.dry™ 3L works.

How it works: BD.dry™ 3L

BD.dry™ 3L face fabrics are treated with a DWR like 2.5L fabrics, but, instead of a porous inner coating, these fabrics have a hydrophilic membrane that allows water vapor to transfer through. Applied to the backside of this fabric is a third layer, called a backer, that feels comfortable next to the skin and allows moisture to turn to vapor before passing through the hydrophilic membrane.

BD Athlete Eric Jackson sitting on his snowboard.
The Jackson brothers touring in Colorado.