Black Diamond R-Series Headlamps

Our R-Series headlamps have all the features you need for nighttime adventures—including easy to adjust brightness, water protection, and multiple beam pattern options —but are now powered by Lithium-Ion batteries for the ultimate in reusable lighting. R-series headlamps are easily charged from multiple sources including car, portable power source, solar panel, or wall charger.

The Beta: R-Series headlamps are your daily drivers, built to light up adventures that don’t fit between 9 to 5. Heading for an evening run after work? Charge up at the office before hitting the trail. Want an emergency light ready in the glove box at all times? An R-Series headlamp can charge off the USB port in your car, providing reliable light when you need it most.

A climber wearing the new Storm 500-R Headlamp.
The new BD Storm 500-R Headlamp.

Black Diamond Dual Fuel Headlamps

Dual Fuel headlamps are our most versatile platform. With our Dual Fuel technology, the user has maximum flexibility to utilize either Black Diamond rechargeable Li-ion battery backs or Alkaline cells. On top of our flexible power base, each of these lights have all the features you need for nighttime adventures—easy to adjust brightness, water protection and multiple beam pattern options.

Our Dual Fuel headlamps expand the possibilities of adventure. With the option of running on either a rechargeable Li-ion battery or standard Alkaline cells, you can head off the grid, far away from any charging ports, and still have reliable lighting. This is your expedition light, built for deep backcountry excursions. But when you’re homeward bound, a USB port will give you the power to rally for your next training mission.

A hiker wearing the new Spot 400 Dual Fuel headlamp.
The new BD Spot 400 Dual Fuel Headlamp.