Award - Ski Magazine Official Selection 2022
Ski Magazine Official Selection 2022
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Impulse 98 Skis


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Built to carve playfully through chalky powder yet open up and rip when conditions get steep and technical. View Details


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A skier approaching the peak with Impulse skis
A close up glam of the back of the Impulse Skis.
A skier making the Impulse skis ready for the ride
Built to carve playfully through chalky powder yet open up and rip when conditions get steep and technical, the Impulse 98 features a moderate, 98-mm waist that’s versatile for all-mountain skiers. A flat, solid-core construction for added torsional stiffness provides premium power transmission and the dampness and stability to hold fast while charging on harder snow. Austrian-made with pre-preg fiberglass and an engineered poplar core, The Impulse 98 is the daily driver for all-mountain skiers who need playful planks that can charge on command.

Product Features

  • Versatile 98-mm waist attacks technical terrain and firmer conditions
  • Rockered tip and tail with traditional camber underfoot
  • Made in Austria with a pre-preg fiberglass layup and poplar core
  • Flat-top construction and full ABS sidewalls for increased power and torsional stiffness
  • Optimal Use: 60% soft snow, 40% hard snow


Prepreg Fiberglass (BPRO)

HIGH PERFORMANCE Mounting Plate High-strength E-Glass fiber is oriented along multiple axes and optimized to provide a smooth and consistent flex profile, longitudinal strength, and torsional stiffness, striking a balance between toughness, durability, damping, and weight.

Titanal Mountain Plate

A high-strength metal plate is embedded underneath the composite layer to ensure Glide and Durability that binding screw retention is never a concern. This plate also serves to increase torsional stiffness and provides a solid foundation underfoot.

Engineered Poplar Wood Core

Poplar is nearly ideal as a ski core material when downhill performance toughness, and torsional stiffness is the top priority.

Internal Core Damping

Elastomeric materials are strategically located within the ski to improve damping. These layers serve both to absorb high-frequency vibration and also to allow some shear between internal layers, improving both performance and durability.

Full Perimenter ABS Sidewalls

ABS sidewalls wrap the entire perimeter of the ski, offering optimal durability and Internal Core damping. Used on skis designed for maximum downhill performance and durability, but optimized for minimal weight.

PTEX 4500 Base

GLIDE AND DURABILITY Industry-accepted as the premium base material, this sintered UHMW-PE base Internal Core provides very high density for excellent durability and wax retention, combined with high carbon content for superior glide.

2 Year Warranty

We trust what we make because we use what we make. All Black Diamond products are covered by a two year warranty policy.

Tail Style
Tip Style
Turn Radius
Weight Per Pair
Pre-Preg Fiberglass / Poplar Core / Full ABS Sidewall[161 cm]130-98-118
[168 cm] 131-98-119
[175 cm] 131-98-119
[182 cm] 132-98-119
[189 cm] 132-98-120
RockerRocker[161 cm] 15 m
[168 cm] 16 m
[175 cm] 17 m
[182 cm] 18 m
[189 cm] 19 m
[161cm] 3340g [168cm] 3420g [175cm] 3520g [182cm] 3620g [189cm] 3960g